Caring for the sick is a noble task that not everyone is destined for. It is an act of loved filled with warmth, patience and compassion, an expression of selfless love one gives another. The receiver of this love is comforted by the painstaking attention he is given as he gives his total unguarded trust to those caring for him. We have always been told that God gave each and every individual special gifts which were to nurture and use for the benefit of others. I always believe that caring for the sick happens to be one of those gifts simply because it is “entrusted” to someone. I sometimes feel that taking care of one who is ill is a way for people to connect to the innermost sanctum of their soul to bring life to untouched crevice of their guarded buttons. The greens lit buttons signals acts of love never given nor experienced before while message of love through smiling or crying eyes may be communicated as words of encouragement are exchanged.

During a two month confinement at the intensive care unit, my friend who could no longer talk only managed to spell out his dying wishes.. P-R-A-Y, P-R-A-Y. This was all he wanted, this was all he asked for. He craved for the spiritual nourishment of his soul as he prepared himself to meet His Creator. We not only pray to ease the suffering of the sick but we help our brothers and sisters to offer their crosses and tribulations to the Lords.

Reaching out to others in this act of charity strengthens our faiths. The broken hearted look up to us for the light of faith and it is precisely at this moment when one must proclaim the glory of God. In this beautiful mixture of spoken and unspoken words, one must not fail to see Mother Mary always in the midst of all that goes on. Her immense presence provide all of us the motherly comfort we never cease to long for. As our mother, she lovingly attends to all our needs.

In this year’s theme, we are once again called to courageously pronounce our faith through acts of charity, not only to the sick but also to the elderly, abandoned the lost and the hurt, the helpless who lost their ways to destructive paths. In the presence of over a thousand participants, the Eucharistic celebration was officiated by Most Rev. Bishop Bernardino Cortez, D.D. at the Espiritu Santo Church May the inspiration from our brave sisters and brothers throughout the world bring us all closer to our dearest Father in Heaven who is the source of all love. (MCH)

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