The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is celebrated worldwide every May 16th to honor the memory of those infected with HIV/AIDS, show support for the afflicted, to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, and mobilize community involvement in the fight against the disease.

The Order of Malta Philippines sponsored the Candlelight Memorial Celebration Memorial Celebration on May 28 at the H4 Pavilion of the San Lazaro Hospital, attended by almost a hundred HIV and AIDS-infected patients along with their families, healthcare workers, and members and staff of the Order of Malta Philippines.

There has been a steady increase in HIV/AIDS cases in the Philippines, including younger age groups, according to submitted reports. To further enhance and supplement the advocacy programs of the Order of Malta Philippines, an increase in advocacy/IEC materials has been initiated, in order to reach persons from all walks of life and at the same time promote the campaign for moral change.

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