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Today the Order of Malta is one of the most important humanitarian organizations in the world. It is, at the same time, the most ancient and undoubtedly the most discreet. By nature independent of any state, its apolitical character and its numerous volunteers scattered over more than 90 countries make it possible for the Order to maintain its efficiency and skill with which it is historically characterized.

To defend the faith and provide service to the sick and poor, members of the Order of Malta Philippine Association volunteer their time, talent, and other resources. This section of the website is dedicated to works and activities of the Philippine Association.

The Membership Conferences provide an opportunity to discuss the key works of the Philippine Association and provide the Membership with inspiration and ideas for the future.

To learn more about these activities, go to Hospitaller Activities or Spiritual/Religious Activities below where you will find a more thorough explanation of these works and activities.

Spiritual/Religious Activities

  • Spiritual Formations
  • Assistance to the Feast of the Black Nazarene
  • Mass of the Holy Spirit
  • World Day of the Sick
  • Conventual Masses
    • Feast Day of the Order of Malta
    • Requiem Mass
    • Investiture Ceremonies
  • Grand Marian Procession
  • Other Participation per request of organizations within the Archdiocese of Manila

Hospitaller Activities

  • Disaster Assistance Program
    • Relief Interventions
    • Rehabilitation Program
      • Core Shelter
      • WASH
      • Livelihood
    • Medical Assistance Program
    • First Aid & Emergencies
    • Medical Missions
    • PMTCT/HIV & AIDS Advocacy
    • Visitation & Christmas Gathering with the Aged of Hogar San Joaquin


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