Membership in the Philippine Association

Membership in the Order of Malta is by invitation only and each prospective member must be sponsored by a member. The sponsor, a Knight or Dame, mentors the candidate throughout the year of preparation preceding his or her investiture into the Order. After approval by the Admissions Committee and the Philippine Association Board of Councilors, final approval is given by the Sovereign Council in Rome.

Who can be considered for membership?

A good candidate is an exemplary Catholic lay person in good standing, residing in the Philippines, who has achieved or is achieving distinction in his or her field, who faithfully provides outstanding service to church and community, and is willing and able to commit to the Order as expressed in the motto, “Tuitio fidei et obsequium pauperum.” (Nurturing, witnessing, and protecting the faith and assistance to the poor and the suffering.)

What is the year of preparation?

Candidates spend a year in formation, during which they learn about the history of the Order of Malta, spirituality and hospitaller work. They attend the Area and Association spiritual and educational events, volunteer in Order of Malta works or ministries, and are invited to participate in the Lourdes Pilgrimage and Association retreats. At the end of the year, the candidates may express their commitment and complete their application.

What are the commitments?

It requires a serious intention of lifetime commitment to the Order of Malta spirituality, defense of the faith and personal service to the sick and the poor, and the Lourdes Pilgrimage.

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